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Acoustic Force provides a range of acoustic warfare training services to military, defence civilian and defence industry personnel.

Advantage Through Knowledge

Global competition and improving trade relationships amongst governments, coupled with the fact that few countries have the capacity to underwrite the risk and expense associated with nationally specific defence projects, has resulted in modern military forces being able to procure similar technologies and equipment sets.

This means that the edge necessary to fight and win in warfare is increasingly embedded in the way in which a nation’s force structure is optimised for strategic and tactical circumstances, along with the way in which it is organised and commanded to achieve desired effects. A further discriminator is the employment of the right doctrine and tactics by confident and well trained personnel.

ACOUSTIC FORCE recognises that in order to excel in any aspect of warfare, including acoustic warfare, theory and understanding of the topic are essential to the development and execution of doctrine, tactics and operational procedures and is also required to enable improvisation in situations where adaptation is essential for mission success. The company specialises in the provision of high end and cost effective acoustic warfare training. ACOUSTIC FORCE provides its customers with advantage though knowledge.

Introducing Sonar Employment Training

Sonar employment training is very different to sonar operator training.

Sonar operator training tends to provide users with an overview of a sonar's capabilities and limitations, a description of the operator interface, a description of what each button does and the sequences of buttons changes that are required to perform particular functions.

Employment training provides understanding of how sonar really works and how to use the sonar in the context of:

  • Other Below Water Sensors
  • Above Water Sensors
  • Combat System and Weapon Systems
  • The Submarine Platform
  • The Current Environment
  • Surrounding Contacts and Targets
  • The Mission

Acoustic Warfare Operational Training

Generic Warfare Training

Acoustic Warfare Operational Training concentrates on the employment of sonar systems and is intended for warfare practitioners including:

  • Submarine Watch Leaders through to Submarine Command
  • Surface Ship Principal Warfare Officers through to Ship Command
  • Airborne Sensor Operators through to Tactical Co-ordinators
  • Mine Warfare Officers
  • Military Hydrographers
  • Military Meteorological and Oceanographic Officers
  • Tactical Development Staff
  • Operating Authority and Joint Task Group Staff
Several courses, all based around the eight volumes of the Acoustic Warfare Handbook, are offered:
  • Submarine Acoustic Warfare (3 days)
  • Submarine Advanced Acoustic Warfare (5 days)
  • Submarine Acoustic Warfare Overview(5 days)
  • Surface Ship Acoustic Warfare (3 days)
  • Surface Ship Advanced Acoustic Warfare (5 days)
  • Surface Ship Acoustic Warfare Overview (5 days)
  • Airborne Acoustic Warfare (5 days)
  • Acoustics in Mine Warfare (3 days)
  • Acoustics in REA and Hydrography (3 days)
Tailored Training

The training offered is unclassified due to the generic and open source nature of the courseware. However, it is possible to tailor the training to the needs of specific submarines/ship/aircraft and their sonar systems (the result of which would would most likely be a classified nationalised version of the training).

Acoustic Warfare Overview Training

Acoustic Warfare Overview Training provides an overview of acoustic warfare and sonar employment and is intended for defence and industry professionals including:

  • Defence Civilians
    • Project Managers and Project Personnel
    • Engineers
    • Scientists
    • Operational Analysts
    • Acoustic Analysts
  • Industry Personnel
    • Business Development Personnel
    • Project Managers and Project Personnel
    • Engineers

Acoustic Warfare Familiarisation Training normally occurs over a five day period.


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